Baby Doge Coin and EGC- Top Binance Chain Currencies surges in 2022

by Analytics Insight
January 15 2022

The Cryptocurrency market has seen some bullish shifts from many cryptocurrencies so far. Two years ago, Bitcoin dominated the cryptocurrency market, capturing 75% of the total cryptocurrency market capitalization. But as cryptocurrencies swell past $2.1 trillion in assets, the industry has fragmented. Today, the share of bitcoin is less than 40%, and new crypto networks appear every day.

Baby Doge Coin and Ever Grow are two of the fastest growing coins in the Binance Smart Chain. These coins achieved mass adoption that breaks history within months after their release. These cryptocurrencies are well worth tracking as their upward trend continues into 2022.

Baby Doji Coin

Doji coin kid Born on June 1, 2021, with the goal of creating a meaningful decentralized meme project. Crypto enthusiasts call it a fun meme with a serious mission to spread. Baby Doge set a record of over 250,000 pregnant women and a market value of over $500 million in just 21 days of being born.

BABYDOGE $ is a deflationary token designed to become rarer over time as a 5% tax on each transaction is added to the liquidity pool. Baby Doge holders will get more Baby Doge coins automatically sent to their wallets simply by holding Baby Doge coins. The number of Baby Dogecoin in their wallets will continue to grow as Baby DogeCoin holders will automatically receive 5% for every transaction in the Baby Doge ecosystem. The community gets more Baby Doge Coins through commissions from each transaction.

In 2022, Baby Doge Coin crossed the 1.2 million token holders mark while rising more than 100%. Baby Doge is one of the fastest growing and most popular community in the crypto world. Baby Dogecoin is decentralized and owned by its vibrant and lively community. Community is everything, and Baby Doge strives to include everyone from all over the world. As of today, Baby DogeCoin price is at 0.000000004026 with a 24-hour trading volume of $21,860,444. Her community has assured that BABYDOGE will be here for a long time. A decentralized society fosters and embraces the long-term development of the ecosystem and the basis for driving real use cases.

Ever Grow (EGC)

ever grow(EGC), which launched in September 2021, has created quite a stir in the crypto space due to its unique reward system. According to the contract audit by Solidity Finance, 8% of each transaction in BUSD is automatically distributed to the owner’s wallet. The crypto has recently crossed the token holder mark of 130 thousand and 32 million USD in reward distribution. Since the rewards are in BUSD, a regulated stablecoin, holders do not have to pay taxes on their rewards. EGC is designed to become rarer over time. All EGC holders earn a bonus of 8% in a constant currency, BUSD, from every buy/sell transaction. 3% of each buy/sell transaction is sent to Buy-Back and wallet burning while 2% is transferred to Pancakeswap’s liquidity pool to create a stable price floor.

What is groups EGC Apart from the utilities ecosystem, many of which are scheduled to launch in the first quarter of 2022. The EGC ecosystem includes the NFT Lending System, NFT Marketplace, Play-to-Earn Game, staking, and Content Subscription platform. The project recently revealed the name of its content subscription platform, ‘Crator’ which is currently undergoing beta testing. The platform will act as a gateway between crypto and stock and will allow content creators to connect and sell exclusive content to their fans. In a recent tweet, project leader Sam Kelly also hinted at Crator’s integration with Metaverse and announced a major announcement soon. The number of cryptocurrencies has increased by more than 100% in the past three weeks.

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