Baby Doge Price Prediction: Meme Coin Sees Massive 99% Surge Amid Crypto Crash, Experts Forecast Bull Run

Memecoins are still on the rise, with one token having such a high bark amid a strong rally ushering in the new year.

Bloomberg reports that Baby Doge, another Dogecoin crypto meme, is up 99 percent so far in 2022. The price of Baby Doge has actually gone up 30.59 percent in the past seven days, according to Coinbase, showing its huge potential in rise this year.

Currently, Baby Doge is down 4.01 percent in the past 24 hours and is trading at $0.000000003751, according to real-time data from CoinMarketCap.

Baby Doji Rises Amid Wider Crypto Crash

This is despite the decline in the value of Shiba Inu-themed tokens in the first few weeks of 2022. Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and Floki have all fallen between nine percent and 32 percent since the beginning of the year, CoinMarketCap revealed, amid a broader cryptocurrency market crash. .

The crash, which also affected the leading cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum, resulted in the loss of trillions in value. Their drop in prices was due to the Fed’s monetary policy tightening and the debilitating COVID-19 variable Omicron, which made all shiny memcoins and other risky assets lose their luster. Bitcoin dropped from around $70,000 to just over $40,000 this week, confirming the horrific start of cryptocurrency in 2022.

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However, Baby Doge’s impressive rise has been attributed to hype and speculation. Enthusiasts are increasing the value of the coin through their social media posts, especially on Twitter using the hashtag #babydoge. Currently, they are leading pupcoin for the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance to list Baby Doge on its platform.

Binance’s inclusion in the Baby Doge listing should lead to a massive increase in the value of memecoin that would be similar to the way Shiba Inu soared in October last year. When the Shiba Inu community succeeded in getting Robinhood to list SHIB on the exchange, the coin soared to an all-time high. However, SHIB has lost much of its value since then due to the brokerage’s failure to meet users’ requests.

Investors saw the allure of the Baby Doge after the coin went viral on Twitter last week. Its current price of $0.000000003751 shows that it has doubled in value since the end of 2021.

Baby Doji Bullish Price Predictions to 2029

A bullish price forecast is observed for Baby Doge, as the Crypto Academy predicts that the coin will reach $0.00000006 by the end of 2022. However, Baby Doge is unlikely to exceed this value due to the limited supply, but it should be more. increase in the coming years. The price of Baby Doge is expected to reach $0.00000012 by 2024 and to increase to $0.00000015 by the end of that year.

Meanwhile, the cryptocurrency expects the Baby Doge to reach $0.000000000562 this year and $0.000000000636 in 2023 before growing steadily until 2029, when it will reach $0.00000001691. Most indicators on its platform have shown that Baby Doge is indeed a very solid buy.

Another platform, Wallet Investor, considers Baby Doge a “not a good long-term investment,” but said BABYDOGE still represents a potential for growth.

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