BTCS First-ever Nasdaq-listed Company to Offer a Dividend

SILVER SPRING, MD, Jan 5, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — BTCS Inc. (Nasdaq: BTCS) (“BTCS” or “the Company”), a blockchain technology-focused company, announced the first-ever dividend payable in Bitcoin by a Nasdaq-listed company, which the company refers to as a dividend. The company also posted a new investor presentation on its website ( to provide more information on recent successes and future growth plans, as well as the underlying market dynamics expected to drive BTCS growth in 2022.

What really lives up to the spirit of BTCS is cryptocurrency adoption and financial freedom. Since 2014, BTCS has been committed to developing the infrastructure supporting blockchain technology. Continuing this journey, BTCS is now opening the next chapter in delivering on our mission to advance the adoption of crypto and blockchain technology.

What is a file Distributions?
Dividends are dividends payable to our registered shareholders when elected in bitcoin or cash.

How much Distributions?
BTCS intends to pay $0.05 per share of Bitcoin, based on the price of Bitcoin on the date of the previous dividend. Investors who do not opt ​​for Bividend in Bitcoin will receive a cash return of $0.05.

Why Advance Distributions?
“We want to reward our legacy shareholders for their continued support and encourage financial freedom by providing the means to enable direct ownership of Bitcoin and other digital assets,” said Charles Allen, CEO of BTCS. “In the crypto space, BTCS has a long history of early adopters, including being the first purely US public company focused on cryptocurrency and blockchain, the first US public company to mine Bitcoin, the first US public company to implement a digital asset treasury strategy, and the first public in the United States to secure next-generation Proof of Stake blockchains.”

Allen continued, “Now, we are the first NASDAQ-listed company to pay a dividend, which is a dividend payable in bitcoin at the option of our shareholders. This is a moment we have anticipated for a long time since the company bought the domain,, in February 2015. BTCS is now in the financial position required to implement the company’s vision.” As BTCS share price at the end of 2021 is $3.14 per share, which is a 12.6% discount on the company’s digital asset holdings and a cash position of $3.56 per share, or $37.8 million, this is the perfect time to reward our shareholders with a non-taxable capital gains return.

“As we build an ownership base for key long-term shareholders, paying these special dividends is an important step in demonstrating the disruptive nature of blockchain technology,” Allen continued.

How to participate in BDividend?
The steps required to become a record holder in our transfer agent books and records, transfer shares, subscribe to Bividend on and disclose them on Form 8-K filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on January 5, 2022. Any registered shareholders who do not choose to receive their dividend will receive Instead, get equivalent cash dividends. The company works with Equity Stock Transfer, LLC, an SEC-registered transfer agent based in New York City, to coordinate Bividend logistics and processing.

When will it be paid?
We have set a standard date of March 17, 2022 to allow our shareholders ample time to complete the opt-out process by the subscription deadline of March 16, 2022. Dividends and cash equivalent dividends will be paid to those who do not choose to receive a dividend as soon as reasonably practicable after the registration date.

will future Distributions Payments occur?
BTCS is in a huge growth phase. However, the company evaluates the appropriateness of future dividends.

Meanwhile, despite the recent decline in line with the broader cryptocurrency market, BTCS stock price and market capitalization have increased significantly since 2019 as the value of the company’s digital and monetary assets rapidly increased, as shown in the charts below.

About BTC:

BTCS is an early mover in the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem, and the first publicly traded US “Pure Play” company focused on blockchain technology infrastructure and technology. Through its blockchain infrastructure operations, the company secures the Proof of Stake blockchain through efficient processing and validation of blockchain transactions and is rewarded with native digital tokens. The company is developing a proprietary staking-as-a-Service platform to allow users to share and delegate backed cryptocurrencies through a non-custodial platform, which it plans to integrate with the data analytics panel, and is now in beta. BTCS’s digital asset data analytics platform currently supports six exchanges and more than 800 digital assets, and the company plans to expand its suite of performance tracking tools, adding more centralized and decentralized exchanges, as well as portfolios, and stock pool monitoring. The company’s digital asset treasury strategy, with a primary focus on non-disruptive protocol layer assets, is a core component of its business model and supports the expansion of BTCS. For more information visit:

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