Cardano Price Predictions: Where Will ADA Go After a Big Crypto Crash?

In the past week, investors were nervous as prices fell in the cryptocurrency markets. Notable cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (CCC:BTC-USD) Their prices fell by thousands of dollars in just a few hours. While investors can only stand and watch, investor”Joel Baglol noted that the question on everyone’s mind is whether prices will stabilize or whether the declines will continue to rise. This week started off better, with the price of many cryptocurrencies slowly rising. Among the top ten cryptocurrencies as measured by market capitalization, only USD . coin (CCC:USDC-USD) is still in the red today. And while almost everyone is still down all week, it looks like most of the notable cryptocurrencies are on their way to the upside, including Cardano (CCC:ADA: US dollar).

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This proof of stake blockchain platform is fresh after a year of growth. Hailed as the leading cryptocurrency in 2021, its popularity has skyrocketed as experts continue to promote its functionality and usefulness. as Investor Contributor Faizan Farooq notes, ADA “is constantly attracting new projects through its smart contract functionality.” Even with the turmoil of last week, Cardano’s price predictions have heated up due to news of the platform’s partnership with the electronics giant Samsung. Now, we are seeing a steady rise in prices. As of this writing, ADA is up about 10% for the day and shows no signs of slowing down.

What does Cardano’s price forecast look like after the crash? Let’s take a closer look at what some industry experts expect to see in 2022 and beyond.

Cardano Price Predictions

WalletInvestor The ADA is still rated as a “fantastic” one-year investment with the potential for significant returns. The model indicates that long-term growth is expected. As of today, a $100 investment in Cardano would be worth over $718 by 2027. According to the model, ADA could increase from $1.27 to $2.80 within one year.

Digital Queen Cardano is also expected to continue to rise throughout the next decade. Its current model expects crypto to reach $1.73 in 2022 and reach the $2 mark in 2023. The platform sees ADA rising to $2.83 by 2025 and surpassing $5 before the end of 2029 with the potential to go up to $5.55.

Government Capital It also maintains a bullish outlook. Depending on its model, the Cardano will finish in 2022 with a regular $2.31, but it could go as low as $2.65. It expects the ADA to end the following year at $3.98 but will end in 2024 at a minimum price of $6.13. If this model proves true, it will start in 2026 with a price tag of at least $8.66 and could go as high as $9.96.

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