crypto investing: Flint paves way for passive income from crypto investment; here’s how

New Delhi: Passive crypto investment operator Flint offers minimal crypto diversification, with returns of up to 13 percent annually without any lock-up period.

Beyond just buying and selling digital currencies, the company offers a unique investment opportunity to earn passive income. Users can invest with simple rupee deposits, which are converted into stable cryptocurrencies that generate returns.

Flint will only deposit funds in stable cryptocurrencies such as Tether and USD Coin, which are usually free from price fluctuations. These stablecoins will be hyper-secured loans to institutional borrowers such as hedge funds or stock exchanges.

In one of the requests, the company said that this is the simplest and most direct way to earn a negative return on cryptocurrency deposits.

Moreover, the platform offers the flexibility of a no-lock period, which means that investors can withdraw their funds at any time without any fees.

“We find that sophisticated investors need passive exposure to cryptocurrencies that can offer high returns with low risk without market volatility,” said Akshit Purdia, co-founder of Flint.

Flint aims to become a one-stop shop for investors wanting to learn about a variety of assets in the crypto world.

The platform attempts to solve the three biggest problems that investors face around the adoption of blockchain technology today, including losing money due to price fluctuations, the complex process of investing in innovative de-fi protocols and the lack of a consumer-friendly mobile application.

“The best part is that Flint achieves all of this for our users without having to break their heads on active crypto trading or price action,” said Anshu Agrawal, Flint’s co-founder.