EverGrow Coin Distributes $32 Million BUSD in Crypto Passive Income

Newark, DE / ACCESSWIRE / January 10, 2022 / EverGrow Coin is the newly launched first cryptocurrency that generates passive income for cryptocurrency in BUSD. It was only launched 3 months ago with a very small market size, EverGrow Coin It has become one of the fastest growing projects on the Binance Chain. EverGrow Coin contracts have distributed over $32 million among their holders and are quickly becoming the leading choice for cryptocurrency investors looking to earn tangible passive income without any hassle.

Evergrow Coin contracts are designed so that 14% of the tokens from every transaction, including purchases and sales, are automatically deducted and sent to the contract. 8% of the tokens collected are distributed to holders in BUSD, while the remaining tokens are converted to BNB and used for liquidity pool and repurchase. The contract is also equipped with an advanced repurchase and burn feature, which contributes to the token burn every day. BUSD is a regulated stablecoin pegged 1:1 to the US Dollar launched by the largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance. With the anti-whale system, EverGrow coin discourages whale selling by limiting any sale amount to a maximum of 0.125% of the circulating supply.

Although crypto mining is a profitable venture, it has limitations, including a high entry barrier due to expensive mining equipment. EverGrow coin is proving to be a hassle-free passive income alternative to crypto. Being the first cryptocurrency to reward its users with US dollars, EverGrow Coin is the number one runner among all cryptocurrencies.

EverGrow Coin The ecosystem includes several facilities that include the NFT lending platform and the marketplace on the Binance Smart Chain. The year 2021 is taken over by NFTs, with billions trading in non-fungible tokens and a strong community behind the technology. NFTs took over in 2021. With a strong community behind the technology and billions trading in non-fungible tokens, we see NFTs being embraced by industries as diverse as finance, medicine, gaming and art. Lending platform EverGrow aims to become a major part of this revolution by providing collectors and NFT owners to borrow liquidity by holding their NFTs as collateral without selling their ownership. EverGrow Coin has also started beta testing of its content creation platform, Crater. The platform will allow creators to sell exclusive content to their fans. The platform will include both crypto and fiat currency gateways and will charge the lowest commission rates compared to existing solutions. If well managed and introduced into the crypto world, it will push EGC to be one of the most important crypto giants in history.

Given the recent crash in the price of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and BNB, EverGrow Coin has not been immune to a market downturn. However, with its low market value, experienced team, leading contract, and most enviable roadmap in crypto, EverGrow sets it apart from other crypto ventures.

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