In 2021 Crypto Went Mainstream and Token Market Started to Absorb Traditional Capital Markets

LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / January 14, 2022 / The total value of all crypto assets has reached $2.3 trillion, according to CMC. The Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index has quadrupled while the Nasdaq 100 Index has grown by 27%. According to various estimates, the number of cryptocurrency users in the world is approximately 300 million, and about 20 thousand companies accept cryptocurrency payments. According to LATOKEN data, there are more than 80 million blockchain wallet users at the moment.

“This year, the leading VC segment in the capital markets has evolved from traditional VCs to the global token market. The startup token has grown to 1.2Trln compared to 0.7 billion traditional startup shares, so the traditional lead segment has really evolved. of the capital markets The current number of these tradable tokens has exceeded 16,000 More than 1,000 new venture capital investments have moved into cryptocurrencies The share of institutional value in DeFi is more than 70% Token markets will make the social currency tradable (known as Also known as NFT), it will absorb private equity, real estate and eventually public equity. The tradable value may grow to a quadrillion US dollars available 24/7 to billions of traders worldwide. One billion new traders will join this new capital market” , as LATOKEN CEO Valentin Preobrazhenskiy acknowledges.

The main features of the cryptocurrency market in 2021 according to LATOKEN were:

  • Currently, LATOKEN is the second place on the IEO cryptocurrency exchange, and is in the top 10 of CoinGecko’s rankings in terms of the number of coin pairs and coins listed. LATOKEN is preparing to release its Premium Launchpad.

  • LATOKEN has become the world’s leading supplier of VC-backed tokens, due to the excellent demand for VC-backed tokens. LATOKEN Venture Capital TV (VCTV) with its 24/7 coverage of crypto news became the main driver behind this push. The most popular VC-backed tokens on LATOKEN in 2021 were Ripple, Chainlink, MANA, Enjin, Balancer, Uniswap, Matic, Solana, 1Inch, and others.

  • The rapid spread and mass adoption of cryptocurrency trading is leading to the development of industry-specific mobile applications, which offer better functionality and ease of use compared to paper applications. LATOKEN Android trading app now has over 1 million users. The company constantly monitors and manipulates trends and trends in the cryptocurrency market, for example, LATOKEN has entered the fast-growing DeFi crypto market with its cutting-edge products LACHAIN ​​and DEX.

  • The demand for equity on cryptocurrency exchanges was high, hundreds of millions of dollars were raised and valuations topped, but they were highly dependent on security, stability and liquidity. The LATOKEN platform has successfully fulfilled all these requirements and is proud to be one of the few cryptocurrency exchanges that have not been hacked since its launch. The most dramatic stories of 2021 in this case were: Polynet hacking ($600 million stolen), BitMart ($196 million stolen), Squid Token epic story ($3.3 million stolen).

  • The top officials in the cryptocurrency world have shifted their focus to cryptocurrency. LATOKEN attracted former CFOs from JP Morgan and Paypal to its Board of Directors in 2021. LATOKEN VERY IMPORTANT We are dedicated to applying the best practices of transparency and corporate governance, which lay the foundation for its growth and security.

  • Morgan Stanley has become the first major US bank to offer its wealthy clients access to Bitcoin funds. Banks such as Barclays, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, BNP Paribas, UBS and Standard Chartered have followed the example. Exchanges such as the German Stock Exchange have started to launch Bitcoin ETP.

LATOKEN enters 2022 with an updated suite of cutting-edge products, including its own LACHAIN ​​blockchain, an updated IEO launchpad for launching new tokens, and storage for long-term value seekers. “We look forward to 2022 and beyond with optimism as a global leader in startup tokens,” concludes LATOKEN CEO Valentin Preobrazhenskiy.

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source: Latoken

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