Public adds Loopring and Curve DAO to its cryptocurrency platform to make a total of 27 tokens available for trading | Currency News | Financial and Business News

Jack Taylor/Getty Images

The Trading Public app has added two new tokens to the cryptocurrency trading platform, introducing Loopring and Curve DAO for trading bringing the total number of tokens available on the app to 27.

Loopring, a token based on the second layer of Ethereum, has been rumored among ardent GameStop fans as a potential partner for the company’s NFT market. Although the coin’s price has fallen in the last month, according to Coinbase data, it has increased nearly fivefold over the past 12 months.

Curve DAO, a governance token for the decentralized autonomous organization, has surged 39% in the past month, according to Coinbase data.

A representative from Public did not immediately respond to comment on why Loopring and Curve DAO had chosen their platform. On its website, the company said: “Cryptocurrency is expanding its reach into a multitude of industries including financial services and gaming, and investors see the underlying tokens as not only a means to invest, but also as a way to participate in the new digital ecosystem built on the blockchain.” “

Launched in September 2019, Public announced its new cryptocurrency platform in October last year amid a surge in digital assets. It started by adding classics like bitcoin and ethereum to trading and slowly ramped up its offering, bringing tokens like Dogecoin and Sheba Inu to the platform and then metaverines like Decentraland.

Public competition Robinhood has moved away from adding more cryptocurrencies to its platform, citing regulatory uncertainty, and currently only has seven tokens available for trading.