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Rainmaker Games, the global platform that gives users access to hundreds of Play for Profit (P2E) games for free, continues to expand its network across the Philippines and the world by partnering with investors and stakeholders to provide better opportunities for the gaming community.

Over the course of the month, Rainmaker Games partnered with several groups such as Ignite Tournaments, Genopets, SolChicks and Community Gaming to give better opportunities to P2E gamers around the world. The global network has also partnered with major investors in the crypto industry such as CoinFund, Alameda, Animoca Brands, Republic, Polygon Studios, Skyvision Capital, and more.

Collaboration with Ignite Tournlies will give Rainmakers a chance to triple their potential earnings. Ignite tournaments offer geographically defined tournaments, brackets, guild vs guild tournaments, a sponsorship function that allows guilds and brands to sponsor prize pools, guild management systems, guild treasury, guild rankings, and the NFT marketplace.

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To bring more players who enjoy an active lifestyle to its platform, Rainmaker Games has also teamed up with Genopets, the world’s first free to play and earn NFT game. Genopets is a unique game that motivates players to stay active and healthy while earning tokens at the same time. With Genopets, players are rewarded for getting up, moving around, getting out of the house, and living a fulfilling life.


Continuing to bridge the gap between players and artists, Rainmaker Games is partnering with SolChicks, a fantasy NFT and P2E game where players battle each other one-on-one or against a computer opponent and earn CHICKS dollars to breed new SolChicks NFTs. SolChicks consists of a high-level business management and first-class game development team that has worked on games like MapleStory, Dungeon Fighter, Tera, Heroes of New Earth and PlayerUnknownBattlegrounds.

To reach gamers from different economic backgrounds, Rainmaker Games has partnered with an all-in-one platform known as Community Gaming, which offers new ways to get involved in the gamer community. Community Gaming uses blockchain-powered payment technology and community-focused tournaments that bring P2E gaming to the competitive gaming space. This collaboration really supports the audiences of both partners because Rainmaker Games connects more players looking for new P2E content on its platform, while Community Gaming encourages players to find new ways to play and earn money while staying competitive.

With the help of investors and strategic partners like Merit Circle and more, Rainmaker Games has successfully raised $6.5 million in seed capital. Believing in the importance of providing the gaming community with a fair and democratic way to participate in token issuance through the Fair Launch Auction (FLA), Rainmaker Games successfully sold $17 million worth of RAIN tokens in three days during the platform’s recent debut on the Copper launch. $RAIN is a payout token that awards rewards and benefits to the ecosystem to stakeholders and Rainmakers in exchange for holding the token.

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