SmartFi becomes the official cryptocurrency platform of Supercross

SmartFiThe open cryptocurrency lending platform that launched in July 2021 and successfully completed the launch of the SmartFi token (SMTF), has become the first official cryptocurrency platform from the Monster Energy AMA Supercross.

Through this first-of-its-kind partnership with Supercross, SmartFi will educate fans about cryptocurrency and provide them with “smart strategies,” exclusive offers and experiences. The SmartFi brand will feature prominently on Supercross TV broadcasts, social channels, and live events. SmartFi and Supercross will also be running a $30,000 US cryptocurrency sweepstakes to provide a special Supercross experience for a few lucky fans.

There are a number of redundant catalogs between Supercross fans and the cryptocurrency market, which supports the partnership. According to surveys by external market research and data analytics company, YouGov, 61% of Supercross fans and attendees consider consumers likely to use crypto. Supercross fans are also 80% more likely than the US national average to agree that “Cryptocurrency is the future of online financial transactions.” Many Supercross fans are entrepreneurs and small business owners.

SmartFi CEO Aaron Tilton is an active motocross competitor, competed in the Monster Energy AMA Amateur National Motocross Championships in 2019 and regularly competes in the RMX Series, an amateur circuit around his home state of Utah, of which he was a former state legislator. Tilton started the sport in 2010 at the age of 38 when his six-year-old son Gabe was riding a neighbor’s motorcycle and decided to give it a try for himself.

SmartFi CEO Aaron Tilton commented, “Supercross and SmartFi are a natural fit; independent fans who watch Supercross, some of whom own their businesses are exactly the kind of people who want to make their own decisions about their money. We created SmartFi to make cryptocurrency financial instruments in Affordable to the average person and we think it will be attractive to Supercross fans. Supercross is a big family and we have the same spirit at SmartFi.”

“We are very excited to welcome SmartFi to Supercross. SmartFi was founded by Supercross fans and we are excited to partner with an organization that has a passion for the sport,” said Jeff Bialowski, Senior Vice President of Global Partnerships at Feld Entertainment.

SmartFi offers Defi and Cefi functionality with easy-to-use financial tools to earn, trade and lend cryptocurrency. The platform includes four main products: SmartInterest (Cryptocurrency Provisioning Platform), SmartLoan (Cryptocurrency Lending Platform), SmartTrade (CEX Aggregator), SmartExchange (Central Exchange), and SmartDEX (Decentralized Exchange).

SmartFi was founded by a team of former energy and finance experts, who have been working to help crypto miners meet their energy needs. They saw an opportunity for an accessible, decentralized financing platform to enable investors to weather the volatility of bear markets, act as a store of value, and obtain loans. In December 2021, SmartFi completed a token sale that raised more than $10 million and saw the value of the token increase by 348% to date.