Optimism gradually returning to crypto market after 50% crash since May: Report

The report highlighted that last month was the third most volatile June when looking as far back as 2011, second to 2019 (100%) and 2011 (278%), and was 10 percentage points more volatile than usual.

Cryptocurrency price performance may have been lackluster over the past month, but some industry developments have lifted animal spirits, and optimism may gradually return to the cryptocurrency market after the May crash from all-time highs, a report said. According to Kraken Intelligence, El Salvador made headlines around the world after adopting bitcoin as the official … Read more

‘Astonishing’—An Investment Giant Just Advised Countries And Central Banks To Buy Bitcoin While The Price Is Low

‘Astonishing’—An Investment Giant Just Advised Countries And Central Banks To Buy Bitcoin While The Price Is Low

Bitcoin soared for most of 2021, with help from the likes of Tesla TSLA And El Salvador has embraced cryptocurrency (although Tesla CEO Elon Musk is increasingly backing the meme-based dogecoin). Subscribe now to Forbes’ CryptoAsset & Blockchain Advisor and discover the latest releases of NFT and new Crypto Blockbusters ready for 1,000% gains The … Read more

Crypto Flash Crash Wipes Out $400 Billion In Market Value On Bitcoin Day As El Salvador’s President ‘Buys The Dip’

Bitcoin’s Biggest Corporate Backer Announces $94 Million Investment Amid $250 Billion Crypto Market Crash

top line The cryptocurrency market posted stunning losses on Tuesday as a sell-off sent the prices of nearly every single coin soaring — undoing gains priced in by the retail trading frenzy ahead of El Salvador’s first day of accepting bitcoin as legal tender. Top cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ether, and Ada Cardano dropped as … Read more

Bitcoin: Kosovo bans crypto currency mining after energy squeeze

A European country has said it will scrap the law on crypto miners after the massive amounts of power needed for the task led to a crisis. A European country has banned bitcoin mining because the large amounts of energy the process requires disrupts the power grid and contributes to blackouts. The government of the … Read more