These 2 Ethereum Rivals Struck Big Gains Last Week Even As Major Coins Slumped – Ethereum – United States Dollar ($ETH)

Even Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC) and Ethereum (CRYPTO: ETH) is down 10.7% and 16.9% respectively for the week, and two of Ethereum’s competitors are on the rise heading into the second week of 2022.

Internet computer (CRYPTO: ICP): The token for a cloud computing project initially created by DFINITY, which aims to replace “Big Tech” companies, has risen 32.4% in the past seven days. The ICP touched an all-time high of $750.73 in May last year.

The project claims to be a general-purpose blockchain for decentralized applications for Web 3.0 and describes itself as the third major innovation in the blockchain after Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The project took to Twitter on Sunday to provide an update on the token’s direct integration with Bitcoin.

The token also announced that in addition to direct integrations with the Bitcoin and Ethereum networks, the proposals submitted to the Network Nervous System (NNS) this year will include ready-to-service neural systems (DAOs) for dapps and hosted services that want to achieve fully decentralization.

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chain link (CRYPTO: link): code A project that allows blockchains to interact with an external data feed through a decentralized oracle network It has increased by 31.0% in the past seven days. LINK touched an all-time high of $52.88 in May last year.

The project behind the token recently noted that 2021 was a year of “explosive growth” as it crossed $75 billion in total value guaranteed (TVS) and its ecosystem grew to more than 1,000 projects.