Token For New Crypto Project ‘MetaGold Rewards’ Grows By

BANGKOK, Thailand, Jan 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – (via Blockchain Wire) The newly launched cryptocurrency has celebrated what they call a “meteoritic” launch while sharing details about what’s to come with their followers. If you had invested $1,000 in MetaGold when it launched 15 days ago, it would now be worth over $133,000.

MetaGold Rewards is a new cryptocurrency that pays its holders daily earnings in USDT just for owning it. The coin is the highest paying reward token, with its owners earning up to 15% per month in dividends alone. Daily rewards are made possible due to the taxes paid each time someone buys and sells the coin, which is then distributed to all holders.

After many negative experiences with online investing, the founding team at MetaGold wanted to create a better type of cryptocurrency. They set out to make a rewards currency using a long term strategy where people can feel safe to invest their money and know that they will get a solid return.

Within a day of being listed on Coin Market Cap (CMC), the largest cryptocurrency exchange, MetaGold climbed to No. 11 on CMC’s top gainers list.

On MetaGold’s bullish start, Michael Boldock, CEO, said, “We are thrilled with how quickly the market cap and trading volume of the coin is increasing, but it is still early days and investors can easily 100 times their money as we continue our journey towards $100 million USD. People are eager to invest in projects that they believe are safe and provide a great return on their investment.” .

To achieve the successful launch, the international team of 28 people at MetaGold implemented the following strategy:

  • Create a coin that has paid the highest dividend in the cryptocurrency space.
  • Launching a marketing strategy built on decades of business experience.
  • 6 full-time employees have been assigned to manage customer service and marketing support.
  • Participate in an active and positive community on Telegram.
  • Host live investor updates twice a week to keep the community updated.

For more information about MetaGold, you can visit their website or find them in most of the cryptocurrency market listings under MetaGold Rewards (METAGOLD).

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