Top Cryptocurrencies to Make US$10k Investment to US$1 Million in 2022

Top 10 Cryptocurrencies Likely to Work Well and Best Trades in the Cryptocurrency Market for 2022

From Bitcoin and Ethereum to Dogecoin and Tether, there are thousands of cryptocurrencies, which can make it difficult for new traders to organize a safe investment strategy. For investors, it is necessary to examine cryptocurrencies from several perspectives, including that of investors, banks, and governments, to consider the fundamental stability of these digital currencies. It is quite clear that cryptocurrencies are an important and growing component of today’s digital economy. This article lists the top cryptocurrencies for investing $10K to $1M in 2022.


Being the most favored cryptocurrency in the highly volatile cryptocurrency market, Bitcoin is set to hit the moon in the near future. It is estimated that 2022 will see $100,000 after watching it make a record $65,000 2021. It has attracted countless crypto investors, as well as some major educational institutions, and they have started accepting this cryptocurrency as payment.


Ethereum is expected to overtake Bitcoin in the near future and crypto investors should buy this cryptocurrency before it hits the moon. It is a global open source platform that develops and implements DApps for efficient transactions. Cryptocurrency investors are waiting for Ethereum to surpass the market cap of Bitcoin in the future with programmable funds and smart contracts. The price can reach up to 10 thousand USD to make a profit in the digital wallets of cryptocurrency investors.


Dogecoin has Elon Musk with him to get to the moon. Cryptocurrency investors should be careful before investing in Dogecoin due to his crypto tweets. Elon Musk is actually launching a Dogecoin mission to the Moon with SpaceX in 2022. The announcement has boosted the price of the cryptocurrency and is expected to hit upward momentum above $1 USD in the near future.

Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu reached an all-time high in 2021 and is set to join the top ten digital currencies in the volatile cryptocurrency market. The media contributes a lot to the demand for this cryptocurrency. The bullish stance testifies to the growing popularity that could break new records in the near future. Thus, cryptocurrency investors can buy this cryptocurrency before it hits the moon and make profits in digital wallets. Elon Musk has also started to influence cryptocurrency prices with his tweets. The team is focused on building more use cases with Shiba Inu to continue growing in price.


Tether is one of the best cryptocurrencies that are ready to go to the moon in the near future. Cryptocurrency investors should buy this cryptocurrency before it hits the moon despite it being a stablecoin at $1. Tether is expected to reach in the range of $1.01 to $1,599 in 2022 through algorithm-based predictions. It will increase by no more than a few cents but it guarantees profit in digital wallets because it is against volatility.


Monero could significantly increase the price of the cryptocurrency and be ready to hit the moon in the near future. It is due to mass adoption within the crypto investor community. Cryptocurrency investors are anticipating a sharp increase in price despite the drop in market capitalization. It is known as a privacy-focused blockchain network that makes it impossible for investors to decrypt Monero trading addresses.


Algorand focuses on the future of finance with the world’s first foundational Proof of Stake blockchain. It allows for a set of high-performance Layer 1 blockchains to provide security and scalability with maximum privacy. Algorand token is expected to average $1.90 with $3.11 this year. This is one of the cryptocurrencies to buy before you reach the moon.


Solana is expected to reach $278 and an increase in the cryptocurrency in the near future. Cryptocurrency investors have started looking to Solana for its smart functionality with the current price at $215.44. There is a long-term increase that can be experienced in the near future. Thus, cryptocurrency investors can buy this cryptocurrency before it hits the moon in 2022.

chain link

Chainlink is best known for being an open source technology that connects smart contracts with data and off-chain services. It provides tamper-proof input and output with arithmetic operations in a highly secure and resilient infrastructure. LINK is known as the original cryptocurrency of Chainlink which can show an increase in price with stability and flexibility.


Cardano’s current price is $1.68, with CoinMarketCap ranking sixth. Cardano is designed to ensure that owners can participate in network operations with smart contract functionality to the blockchain. This cryptocurrency is expected to reach $3 by the end of 2022 plus $5 in 2024. Thus, cryptocurrency investors can expect to buy it before it reaches the moon in the future.

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