What Is Fueling The Rise Of NEAR Protocol, Cosmos In January? – Cosmos – United States Dollar ($ATOM), NEAR – United States Dollar ($NEAR)

A single layer network centered on cloud computing NEAR . protocol (CRYPTO: NEAR) and Cosmos (CRYPTO: ATOM), a project coin touted as a blockchain ecosystem, has been the stars for January – up 69.95% and 62.95% respectively so far in the 30-day period.

What is moving? Since 2022 and beginning January, NEAR and ATOM earnings have increased 17.5% and 10.1%, respectively. Over the longer 90 days, NEAR and ATOM are up 145.75% and 16.4%.

NEAR rose to an all-time high of $18.28 on Tuesday, while ATOM touched an all-time high of $44.70 in September.

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Why are they moving? NEAR and ATOM’s gains came at a time when major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC) and Ethereum (CRYPTO:ETH) It is down 10.6% and 14.3% since the beginning of January.

Delphi Digital, in an email note, said both currencies performed well in January despite a “gloomy market” with other tier 1 chains holding steady or seeing declines of -20% to -40%.

NEAR prices soared after the launch of Project Aurora, an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

“One notable innovation was the use of ETH to pay for gas on Aurora, making a seamless transition for Ethereum users who don’t have to purchase platform-tier tokens just to pay for gas. Currently, gas fees are 100% backed,” Delphi Digital wrote.

As for ATOM, there is a growing buzz surrounding EVMOS (formerly known as Ethermint), which is due to launch in mid-January via rektdrop.

EVMOS promotes EVM interoperability within Inter Blockchain Communication (IBC), as indicated by Delphi Digital.

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